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Workshop of Oniwayaki Pottery Making of the Kikkawa Clan and Seal Engraving

–Learning the history of Iwakuni through stone and clay—

Site: Mimizukutei on the grounds of Kikkawa Historical Museum 2-7-3, Yokoyama, Iwakuni

Time: Every 4th Saturday from March to December
①9:00~12:00 ②14:00~17:00

Each workshop is about 3 hours long.
It may take 1~6 months for the finished product to be delivered.

Fee: ¥9000/ person (delivery fee not included)

Capacity: Maximum of 10 people/ workshop
Reservation needed.

Historical Workshop
Experience the history of Iwakuni through the following activities deeply affiliated with its past.

1.seal engraving
2.gallery talk at the Kikkawa Historical Museum
3.pottery making(Tada ware)

In the Edo period, some lords possessed a special kiln in their domain. They ordered the craftsmen to make pottery, known as Oniwayaki, to be presented to the Tokugawa shogunate as gifts.