Workshop of Oniwayaki Pottery Making of the Kikkawa Clan and Seal Engraving

–Learning the history of Iwakuni through stone and clay—

Site: Mimizukutei on the grounds of Kikkawa Historical Museum 2-7-3, Yokoyama, Iwakuni

Time: Every 4th Saturday from March to December
①9:00~12:00 ②14:00~17:00

Each workshop is about 3 hours long.
It may take 1~6 months for the finished product to be delivered.

Fee: ¥9000/ person (delivery fee not included)

Capacity: Maximum of 10 people/ workshop
Reservation needed.

Historical Workshop
Experience the history of Iwakuni through the following activities deeply affiliated with its past.

  1. seal engraving
  2. gallery talk at the Kikkawa Historical Museum
  3. pottery making(Tada ware)

In the Edo period, some lords possessed a special kiln in their domain. They ordered the craftsmen to make pottery, known as Oniwayaki, to be presented to the Tokugawa shogunate as gifts.

The lord Kikkawa of Iwakuni also owned an Oniwayaki kiln in the area called Tada in Iwakuni. The Tada kiln began its operation in 1700. Among the many pieces made there, only the first-class works were presented to the shogunate as Tada ware.

This workshop will take place at Mimizukutei, a house which used to belong to the lord’s retreat. The clay cups we make there will be later fired at the Tada kiln.

Together with seal engraving and the curator talk, enjoy making the special Oniwayaki pottery at this event and feel the rich history of iwakuni.


Step1: Seal engraving is carving a character into a stone to make a stamp. Use the stamp on a small piece of clay to make a seal. Attach the seal to the cup in Step 3. You can take the stamp home when you leave.(About 40 minutes)

Step:2 Appreciate the historical archives at the Kikkawa Historical Museum. A curator will give a detailed explanation. After the talk, matcha will be served in the lobby.(About 40 minutes)

Viewing the Iwakuni Castle. Enjoy your break.

Step3: At this workshop, you will make an Oniwayaki tea ceremony cup by hand. It will be the only cup in the world with your stamp and the Kikkawa family crest.(About 40 minutes)

Step4: The clay cup you make will be sent to the Tada kiln for firing. Later, the finished product will be delivered to your house. (payment upon delivery)


For Tada ware
Unkei Tamura   Pottery Master
Second Generation

For seal engraving
Saryo Ooishi   Head of Gokyo Bunko,
Sakai Sake Brewery Art Museum

For gallery talk
Fumiko Harada  Curator,
Kikkawa Historical Museum

If you apply by fax, please use this application form.
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We will prepare the stone you will engrave with a Chinese character. (Your name will be expressed in one Chinese character.) Would you like it to symbolize your